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Rabbit in Landscape with Clouds, Moon, Two Constellations, Rocks, Bamboo, Flowering Shrubs, Lingzhi Fungus, Pine and Water Plants

Lens, France, 1918.

Wounded Canadian and wounded German lighting a cigarette on Passchendale battlefield.

Gravel pit along Denali Highway, Alaska, 2014. 

Bill Orcutt approaches his instrument, the guitar, in a unique manner. First of all, his six string guitar only has four strings which allows him to create his trademark sound. It is the sound of blues, but blues being deconstructed through Orcutt’s intense playing style with impressive tempo changes. But Orcutt’s music is not just about the guitar. His subdued humming makes it seem like his voice and guitar are a duo.

Film and edit: Jonas Bang

Recorded at Jazzhouse, 2013

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Ski trip in a 1941 Mercury, Arizona. Photo by Lester Womack.
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i know that seems like such a small thing but i only went into the library once last year and that was to pee 

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i managed to take a book out of the library and i finally feel like slowly i’m getting my shit together 

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Polar exhibition. Photography by Yves Borgwardt

Days of Night – Nights of Day, Norilsk, Elena Chernyshova

High-Voltage Test Laboratory (1959-60) in Berlin, Germany, by Walter Henn
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Las Vegas, 1995. After Dunes implosion, before Bellagio was built in its place. Sands still standing. Stratosphere under construction. 
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Walter Förderer, Evangelische Friedenskirche in Baumberg, 1966-1971
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